Best Thesis Award

MINDS contributor Victor Nazário received an award for best thesis in 2017. Victor's work, entitled "Multi-objective microgrid storage planning problem using plug-in electric vehicles", was developd during Victor's doctorate degree at PPGEE-UFMG and advised by Professor Frederico Gadelha.

Victor's work describes a energy storage planning problem with multiple objectives, using plug-in electrical vehicles as storage units. The problem considers several vehicles and a independent energy distribution community (microgrid), consisting in small houses in residential areas with different renewable energy sources. The objective of the work is to minimize costs and battery use, among other aspects. The author uses probabilistic forecasting models with variables such as wind and solar production, energy usage and pricing. In the study, one of the conclusions is that, minimizing costs by itself is counterproductive with regards to the system robustness, increasing risks.

Nazário is a Control and Automation Engineer from Federal University of Outro Preto (UFOP), where he had his first contact with optimization. He went straight for the PhD degree on Electrical Engineering at UFMG and begun connecting optimization with the electric energy grid evolution, so they turn into intelligent and uncentralized machines. He finished the PhD in two years and three months and was one of the youngest brazilian doctors to enter a post-doc program at Faperj. He co-orients post-grad students, organizes international scientific events and develops low cost embbeded prototypes with his team.